Auto-analyze Google & Meta ads for anomalies with 1-click setup

Easily take five hours of tedious analysis off your plate each week

  • Credit card not needed
  • Zero engineering effort to implement
  • Annual commitment is not required
  • Sensitive data and PII is never touched

AI-Powered Analysis

FunnelGuard's intelligent algorithms analyze your ad accounts, identifying performance problems.

Time Savings through Automation

Leverage AI to spend mere seconds, not hours, checking for hidden issues in your accounts.

Waste Less Budget

Find and limit underperforming and wasteful campaigns before they are a problem.

Peace of Mind

AI capabilities vigilantly monitor your accounts, ensuring all your campaigns are efficient.


High-Performing Google & Meta Ads Practitioners

Harness the power of AI to eliminate ad data overwhelm and prioritize your optimization efforts.

"My short-staffed team easily maintains results by cutting out 43 hrs of manual analysis each month."

Angie Morales

Dir. of Marketing

"FunnelGuard instantly surfaced a missing country exclusion that had spent ~$3,000/day for 41 days. This would have stayed hidden in the data for another 60 days before we caught it in a review."

Eric Clapper

Product & Martech

"We easily spend $2,000 daily on ads, so it only takes 1-2 issues to pay for itself many times over."

Daniel Borowski

CEO & Founder


AI Insights With Zero-Engineering-Effort

Accessible at any scale and any budget. Setup in seconds and see results in minutes.

One-Click Implementation

No engineering effort is required. Authenticate your Google or Meta ads account with read-only access, and let our AI uncover valuable insights.

Tailored AI Analysis

FunnelGuard processes up to two years of historical data to identify patterns in advertising spend, delivering personalized insights for your accounts.

Customizable Notifications

Choose from email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams notifications to stay informed of important issues in your preferred workflow.

Skip the busy work 

Take tedious analysis tasks off your plate automatically and make room for the high-impact ads strategy and execution you're best at.