Coffee with Amanda Tessier:

Agile Methodology in Marketing Operations


There’s a cult of ‘agility’ emerging in marketing operations departments as businesses look for ways to speed up execution, increase efficiency, track accomplishments and educate internal stakeholders around realistic campaign timeframes.

But, out in the real-world, what does agile look like within marketing operations?

We’re taking a 30 minute coffee break with Amanda Tessier who has worked as a marketing technologist, growth and campaigns manager to discuss agile methodology in marketing operations.

Amanda TessierMarketing Campaigns Manager, Instapage

Amanda Tessier has worked across marketing operations, growth management, and digital marketing for Instapage, Altisource and Drift as well as running her own freelance consulting business. She’s built lifecycle management communications, technology stacks, and growth programs that nearly doubled sales qualified leads within a year, as well as negotiating savings of more than $45,000. And, during her time at Instapage, Amanda introduced the marketing operations team to agile methodology - building processes from the ground up that improved campaign efficiency, visibility and reporting.

Oliver ArmstrongCEO & Co-Founder, FunnelGuard

In 2019, Oliver Armstrong capitalised on his extensive experience working in fast-paced startups to launch marketing tech company, FunnelGuard. FunnelGuard is for marketers who run multiple, highly complex online advertising campaigns and wish to see a clearer risk profile of their revenue acquisition, actionable steps for prevention mitigation, and prioritized guidance in emergency response. 

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