FunnelGuard customers are seeing a clearer risk profile of their revenue acquisition, actionable steps for prevention mitigation, and prioritized guidance in emergency response.

Customer Stories


Stefano Mazzalai 

Director of Marketing Operations @ Instapage

FunnelGuard alerted us when a team member accidentally unpublished pages with live ads running to them. 

We were able to get these pages back up in a few hours. We estimate the leads saved by this quick response to be worth $75,000 in revenue.”

Instapage has constant visibility over all marketing funnels

Our team used to be able to check 10-15% of our landing pages for major issues about once a quarter. Now with FunnelGuard, I know that they are checking 100% of the pages every single day, and they’ll let me know when there’s a problem.  The alerts and communication with their team have been phenomenal.

Mike Pilawski

Chief Operating Officer @ Typeform

FunnelGuard instantly found a broken CTA button on a sticky top bar propagated across ~20% of our landing pages.

Typeform reduced ad budget waste

They alerted my Marketing Operations team to browser errors preventing LinkedIn cross device attribution pixels from functioning properly. FunnelGuard also identified instances where Segment events were loading and firing twice per visit, affecting data quality and page speed.

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