Confess your sins, or the sins of others!

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Confession #5

“If a page goes down it’s usually a customer who lets support know. Sometimes we find the break in our manual QA or sales find out as they are searching for content. Other times we notice after we do a monthly metrics check because metrics went down.”

Confession #4

“We have custom alerts holistically across all carts, specific promotions, countries, etc. 

When they broke it was hard to notice and it took a longer time to identify than we thought it would. We eventually heard things were down from customer support. We estimated the lost opportunity cost to be between $10k and $50k.”

Confession #3

“...cost per lead went up to over $1000. CPL should have been $100. We had to do a manual QA.”

Confess your sins, or the sins of others!

Confession #2

“We launch something new every day. Sometimes we’re sending traffic to a dead link. The bigger problem is tracking through various funnels. Hard to know how many hours we spend on this every day.”

Confession #5

"...We lost $550k a month on broken stuff. Because no one could identify where things were broken the losses were dubbed the ‘cost of media.”


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