How It Works

Monitor the issues and KPIs marketers care about with Zero setup and Zero maintenance. 

FunnelGuard automatically finds leaky marketing funnels before they drain your budget and bottom line. 

FunnelGuard is an automated turn-key monitoring solution that maps your conversion funnels, sets up monitors as quickly as you can create campaigns, and shows you the most important things you can do to improve your Brand Uptime and protect your bottom line. 

You are finally free from depending on your IT team, and your IT team gets back countless hours spent setting up and maintaining monitors for your campaigns. 

Commonly Discovered Errors

404 pages and expired SSL certificates

Human errors like live ads still running to archived pages

Issues with tracking pixels and conversion widgets

Broken Links that hurt trust and brand authority

How you benefit?

FunnelGuard shows you the daily spend at risk for every funnel so you can prioritize your efforts. This capability is turnkey and intel is available in real time. Your FunnelGuard Customer Success team will suggest prioritization and incident management solutions.

FunnelGuard ensures that your team can see:

  • Zombie campaigns and funnels floating around unmanaged
  • Human error accidentally sending active ads to dead ends
  • A sticky bar across multiple pages with a broken link (CTA button used across multiple pages that lead to a 404 page) 
  • Browser errors that may affect analytics or lead capture tools (Pixels load and fire twice per visit, affecting data quality and page speed)
  • Broken links that erodes trust, credibility and cause brand damage

Set Up in Minutes


Simply Connect & Discover

Connect FunnelGuard to Google & Facebook ads in five minutes. We auto-map your marketing funnels from ad to conversion.


Find and Fix Your Funnels

Get curated insights on the impact to your bottom line with recommendations to fix funnels and performance anomalies.


Get Ongoing Protection

Have situational awareness at all times as we automatically adapt to new marketing funnels and campaign data as changes happen. 


Ready to see how FunnelGuard identifies 

issues that are costing you revenue?